Dance Gavin Dance frontman Tilian Pearson embodies a psychic Venn Diagram that's highly unusual. The one circle is dedicated to the sonic joyride that is DGD. The other is an inherent love of pop music and R&B, the kind of vibe that you'd hear on a night of clubbing and/or some inspired late-night listening at home.

That overlapping part in the diagram is where Pearson reigns, unencumbered by both industry wags and diehard fans. During a visit to the AltPress office, Pearson got in front of the cameras, allowing APTV director Bobby Makar to put him "on the spot."

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For all intents and purposes, Pearson was a good sport. He discussed the mission statements found in the lyrics to his 2019 solo album, The Skeptic and the semi-cathartic state they put him in. Pearson talks candidly about how drug usage has seemingly become escalated in a social climate where "people are covering up their emotions, trying to regulate how they feel rather than feeling it." The Dance Gavin Dance vocalist also ponders the potential misconceptions people have about him.

With regards to Dance Gavin Dance, he tells APTV about some of the creative things he hasn't had the opportunity to act upon. (Spoiler alert: These ideas may or may not involve furry costumes and synchronized dancing.) Pearson also runs down a brief selection of songs that he feels completely define his career. From his roots in Tides Of Man to DGD to his solo work, his choices are the stuff of playlists.

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Finally, when asked what he wanted to accomplish in the next 10 years of his life, Pearson was kinda cagey. But it's all good. This is why it's called "On The Spot"...

Pearson will join the rest of DGD on the road this spring. , Animals As LeadersVeil Of Maya, Royal Coda and Issues will support with the whole bill also playing Swanfest 2020. Head here for dates and tickets.