Dance Gavin Dance frontman/solo artist Tilian Pearson wouldn’t be rocking all of our devices if it wasn’t for a high school girlfriend. She saw his talent long before he did and demanded that he join the high school jazz choir.  

And if you think that is wild, be aware that’s merely one part of an interesting backstory the singer shared with APTV on “The Oral History Of Tilian.”

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Pearson goes on to discuss his time with Rise Records’ artists Tides Of Man and how Rise founder Craig Ericson liked the band name as he discovered them while drinking wine and clicking Myspace band profiles (remember those?).

He also reveals about how when TOM went out on tour with Dance Gavin Dance, he casually filled in for Kurt Travis when the singer was napping during a DGD soundcheck. Pearson reveals how that situation may very well have opened the doors for him to join the band later on when Jonny Craig left DGD for good.

But wait! There’s more, from recording demos with the mighty Saosin to the clumsy exit he made from the band Archives (who later became Night Verses) to the next DGD album, which he describes as “weird,” with “lots of sonic firsts for the band.” 

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“The Oral History Of Tilian” is an interesting look at a multifaceted performer who literally chanced upon his talent and was able to achieve success as a significant member of an established forward-thinking band, as well as maintaining a solo career that keeps growing (which included landing on the cover of AP 363).

“If something is really, really difficult in music or art—specifically relationships—if they are too strained, unless it’s already lone-established, you can get out, and you can move on,” Pearson resigns. “And do something else with other people. You don’t have to force it.”