Santa Claus
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Tim Allen was supposed to murder Santa Claus in original ‘Santa Clause’

Believe it or not, Tim Allen was originally supposed to kill the beloved Santa Claus in his classic 1994 Christmas flick, The Santa Clause. The Home Improvement actor revealed the dark twist on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last evening.

While talking about the forthcoming Toy Story 4, Allen went on to talk about the original writing of The Santa Clause. While the plot was pretty dark to begin with, Allen’s role was supposed to come about in a more macabre fashion. Instead of Santa Clause falling off of the roof, as it is in the movie, Allen was supposed to shoot the jolly old guy.

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“The original Santa Clause was little darker, written by two comedians, and I actually shot and killed Santa in the original movie,” Allen says.

Of course, Disney was not about to have any of that… And that was probably for the better.

“We can’t start a movie like that,” the head of Disney apparently said to Allen. “We can’t start a Disney movie with you murdering Santa Claus.”

“I’m a comedian, why not? That’s funny!” Allen says. “I mean, you killed all of the parents in all of your other movies anyway.”

Allen then went on to prove that he may have been the worst guy for the job.

“I’m in that suit, and I’m smoking a cigarette one day and I shut the director’s door and I said, ‘You gotta keep those fuckin’ kids away from me,” Allen recalls. “And he goes, ‘You gotta stop saying that word when you’re in that Santa suit.’”

The actor even mentioned that many of the children on set actually thought he was the real Santa Claus. However, that didn’t seem to make him act differently.

“So these kids are asking me questions,” Allen says. “They ask me, ‘What does Santa eat? What do the elves eat?’ And I go, ‘How the hell would I know what they eat?’ But what comes out of my mouth, I said, ‘Reindeer, I guess.’”

You can watch the hilarious interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

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