We're all guilty of singing the wrong lyrics to a favorite song. (Seriously, there have been entire books compiled about this very subject.) But occasionally, you'll see a band play and you're stoked to hear your favorite song. You're singing along at the top of your lungs, and the lead singer decides to go rogue and adds, subtracts or replaces lines entirely. Those same lyrics you obsessed over 3,422 times or more. This APTV video is all about those times when bands switched lyrics of some of their most popular songs.

There isn't a vocalist alive who hasn't switched lyrics in front of a live audience. The diversion could be for a number of reasons. It could be a reference to a current event. Perhaps it was a dare to make the other guys in the band laugh. (Hey, touring will make you crazy.) Maybe the singer is in a really bad mood tonight and they're going to take it out on all of us. Maybe they think they're being, cool, clever or funny. So they instead pull off a triple fail and do nothing but piss you off.

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Our rundown of moments when bands switched lyrics range from funny to eye-rolling to straight-up shocking. There's the legacy singer who updated a technological reference to a song he wrote 30-plus years ago. And how could we forget the dynamic pop band who completely hated on themselves for two verses of their biggest hit? Admittedly, there are also four entries from bands who rewrote crucial lines before recording their final vocal parts. (Don't worry: The final recorded versions were definitely better.)

After it's all sang and done, it's their songs; they can do what they want to them. Hopefully your personal experience of their digressions will be memorable. But really, we're at that point now where we'd let our favorite bands riff on TV show themes for 90 minutes if it meant actually going to a show again...