Tinder is offering a new feature that will allow users to match people in their spring break destination before they even get there.

The Spring Break Mode is launching this week that allows Tinder U users to pick where they are going for spring break and swipe on other college students headed to the same place.

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Tinder will prioritize students who go to the same school and have the same plans. However, students from other schools traveling to the same place will eventually be seen by the user.

Tbh, we’ve been in Spring Break mode for months — and thanks to Tinder U, you can join us in the ultimate pre-game where you can match with others headed to the same vacation destination as you,” the Tinder website reads.

“And don’t worry, we’re not here to sell you a villa on the beach or unload a surplus of cheese sandwiches — we’re just here to help you find fellow Spring Breakers while your decision-making skills are still in topnotch form.”

The new function will only be available for select vacation destinations. Those include Cabo, MX, Lake Havasu, AZ, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans , Puerto Rico, Puerto Vallarta, MX, San Diego, and more.

The app is also allowing people to select “staycation” in the mode. That is for people who are just staying around for spring break and want to join the fun.

The Spring Break Mode feature will begin to be available for Tinder U users on March 4.

What do you think of Tinder’s Spring Break Mode function? Does it sound like something you would ever use? Sound off in the comments!

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