To Write Love On Her ArmsJamie Tworkowski has announced a special new project, called HEART CAMP.

HEART CAMP will be a two-day workshop led by Tworkowski himself, with 40 attendees. Over the two days, he will share his stories, experiences and passions on topics including authenticity, writing, mental health, starting things that matter and more.

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Attendees will be invited to give input and share their thoughts through special Q&As. Read a statement from Jamie on HEART CAMP below:

I really enjoy being able to connect with people, and my hope is that folks walk away feeling encouraged. The challenge tends to be time. It can be difficult to give a question the answer it deserves in one minute or two tweets. There's almost always a line of people or a curfew or a plane to catch. 

HEART CAMP was born from this idea: What if instead of one minute, we had two days? What would it look like to get a small group of people together, to share everything I've learned and everything I'm passionate about? What if folks were invited deep inside my work and deep inside my story, into not only the successes but the failures as well? Could I provide language and framework and ideas to help people start movements and chase dreams?

HEART CAMP has two upcoming workshops, held in Indialantic, Florida: January 14 and 15 (SOLD OUT), as well as February 11 and 12. For more information and to register for HEART CAMP, check out their site here.

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