Tom DeLonge has always been open about his baseball fandom, especially when it comes to his hometown team, the San Diego Padres.

However, DeLonge put his allegiances aside for the Padres’ matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates, even making a friend in one of the visiting team’s players.

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In a strange series of events, DeLonge was invited to the game by Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams, who even had a hand in scoring the Angels & Airwaves frontman some fieldside seats and a signed ball.

DeLonge claims he shared some UFO information with Williams, dubbing them “sekrets,” most likely in honor of his paranormal book series. Williams fittingly signed the ball with the caption “I believe.”

“When you post against the visiting team and they find you at your seat and give you a signed baseball... fuck, now I need to like the Pirates. Ha. Thanks @mellamotrevor! I gave him a little message about UFOs... something that is quite a big sekret,” the caption reads.

The friendship has been budding for a good while, as Williams has voiced his own DeLonge fandom on Twitter many times over the past few years.
Williams even proved his true fandom with a witty reply to one of DeLonge’s spaceship sketches, including an AVA quote with the tweet. “But Tom, I have a crippling fear of heights :(,” the tweet reads.
Additionally, Williams gave some kind words to DeLonge when he released troubled tweets.
The Padres seem to be a fan of DeLonge as well, playing a classic blink-182jam while he was in attendance last year, leading to an awesome reaction.

What do you think of DeLonge’s new baseball buddy? Sound off in the comments below!

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