Tom DeLonge took to Instagram to break down Angels And Airwaves' album artwork from their 2014 release, The Dream Walker.

Check out the meaning behind the album cover, below!

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The Dream Walker was the fifth studio album from AVA and marked the band's first 100% independent release.

The album cover was rad, but it left a lot of fans wondering exactly what it was or what it meant.

DeLonge took to Instagram to finally put those questions to rest, breaking down the album artwork and providing an explanation to the meaning behind it.

"A lot of people didn’t exactly know what the cover of @angelsandairwaves“THE DREAM WALKER” was," DeLonge wrote in his post. "It is a “HALO” - the embodiment of a “Dream Walker’s” soul- a futuristic warrior whom fights for you as you journey through a nightmare. It can be used as weapon, as defense and as a way to express ones emotion. It hovers over your shoulder like a miniature star, glowing and flickering with endless electricity. POET ANDERSON by @tomdelonge and @authorsuzanneyoung may be @tothestarsofficial’s biggest world yet."

The former blink-182 singer has been ramping up AVA activity following the band’s latest release, 2017’s We Don’t Need To Whisper Acoustic EP.

He shared a quick clip of what could very well be a new Angels And Airwaves song on Instagram just a few months back, and we've been anxious for some new AVA ever since.

Are you excited for new AVA music? Sound off in the comments below!

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