Tom DeLonge took to Twitter today (Jan. 24) to share his thoughts on an unexpected subject. The ex-blink-182 singer/guitarist and  Angels And Airwaves frontman responded to a fan's question about his opinions on... mermen and mermaids.

Yeah, we're confused too—but let's unveil this story together.

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It all started with Twitter user @Justin79554989, who mentioned DeLonge (but didn't tag) in a post with screenshots from an Animal Planet documentary about mermaids. The dark video supposedly shows proof of the existence of mermaids and merman.

"Tom DeLonge, I am extremely interested to receive your input about the t.v. documentary, "Mermaid's" which, originally aired on Animal Planet..." the user wrote. "Many claim it is fake animation and they have done everything to discredit the scientists who were a part of the endeavor. What say u?"

DeLonge somehow saw the tweet and retweeted it with a message. He has thoughts on mermaids and merman, real thoughts. Like, he's reflected on the subject for more than probably a couple minutes.

And his opinion is likely to make a few A Little Mermaid and Aquamarine lovers mad. That's because the musician-turned-alien-researcher doesn't believe mermaids are real. However, he has an opposite view about the existence of mermen.

In short, DeLonge believes mermen are real—and apparently pretty cool. That's it, enjoy the rest of your night.

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