Tom DeLonge has given fans a first peek at Monsters of California. The film is DeLonge's directorial debut.

Not only is DeLonge directing the film, but he also wrote and performed original music for the movie.

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Monsters of California is your classic "coming-of-age adventure with a sci-fi twist." It will follow Dallas Edwards (Jack Samson) and his friends as they investigate several strange events throughout Southern California. The film will mix old-school sci-fi tropes with skate culture and DeLonge's sense of humor.

The cast includes Richard KindArianne ZuckerCamille Kostek, Casper Van Dien, Gabrielle Haugh and more.

Monsters of California is co-written by DeLonge and Ian Miller. DeLonge's To The Stars Media is producing the film along with Stan Spry and Eric Woods.

The release date for Monsters of California is unclear, but you can watch the teaser below.