Tom DeLonge has added to his ever-growing tattoo collection this week.

The former blink-182 member unveiled his massive new neck tattoo on Wednesday.

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When DeLonge isn't busy as the frontman of Angels & Airwaves, he dedicates a large amount of his time to unidentified aerial phenomena research with To The Stars Academy.

Earlier this week, he caught the attention of many as he further opened up about his theories. In an interview with The Guardian, he revealed why he thinks aliens may have been present for the birth of Jesus.

He references the Star of Bethlehem which appears in the Gospel of Matthew and leads the Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus. DeLonge suggests, however, that the star could have been something else such as an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

He also points out that many things “written in text thousands of years ago” have yet to be explained. As an example, he references the Book of Exodus and the burning bush which, according to religious scholars, spoke to Moses when God appointed him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

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“Things were written in text thousands of years ago, like hearing voices in your head, a burning bush that was talking,” he shares. “The ancient texts may have called it God, but I’m just saying it’s not that simple.”

He also states that aliens and extraterrestrials may not be the only other lifeforms out there.

“People need to buckle up,” he says. “Open their minds and stop talking about, you know, aliens and extraterrestrials, because I have a feeling that that’s not exactly what it is.”

Following his claims, DeLonge is showing off his spiritual side with a new neck tattoo. He unveiled the new ink on Instagram this week. The tattoo features an angel wing along with the word "illuminated" which means "light up" or "help to clarify or explain."

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Although DeLonge doesn't reveal what the meaning of the tattoo is, it could be in reference to his ongoing research. Given that DeLonge dedicates much of his time explaining unidentified aerial phenomena, it's possible "illuminated" is in reference to his To The Stars Academy work.

To The Stars Academy has helped uncover various evidence of unidentified aerial phenomenons over the years. TTSA released three videos in December 2017 and March 2018. Both videos showed objects in the sky that reportedly dated back to the mid-2000s.

A year later in 2019, the U.S. Navy acknowledged these videos and considered the “phenomena contained/depicted in those videos as unidentified.” This all eventually led to the To The Stars Academy’s partnership with the U.S. Army. Then, in April 2020, the Pentagon officially released three videos featuring alleged evidence of UFOs.

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More recently, To The Stars Academy is trying to make some changes in the U.S. government. On June 23, To The Stars Academy was able to get language regarding unidentified aerial phenomena inserted into Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Authorization Act. If passed, how the government conceals and reports on classified information regarding UFOs would change.

Along with this, Angels & Airwaves are currently working on new music. The last full-length to be released from the band was 2014’s The Dream Walker. Most recently, they debuted a video for "All That's Left Is Love" back in June.

What do you think Tom DeLonge's tattoo means? Let us know in the comments below.