Most people know Tom DeLonge for his time in blink-182 but he's pushing his work further into the world of UFOs.

DeLonge is the executive producer of a new show on History called Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation and ahead of the show's release, he's penned an op-ed about his alien knowledge.

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He reveals the moment he started believing UFOs were real and not just science fiction came on a blink-182 tour. DeLonge was reading Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret, discovering a historical chronology of UFO events.

"It wasn't just a solitary event, but a chain of occurrences," says DeLonge. "But I had no idea these crafts were real and in fact interacting with nuclear missiles, NASA missions and facilities, astronauts, and even civilians," says DeLonge.

The article details his experience researching UFOs and how it developed from "unreliable characters" to working with top U.S. military members.

He says working with top intelligence officials led to creating To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, his organization exploring scientific phenomena.

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DeLonge promises his new show "will give the public an opportunity to see newly authenticated evidence and footage." It'll also explain common characteristics of how UFOs operate and show interviews with military personnel who've never spoken publicly on the topic.

The article stresses the new show "is not a UFO hunting show, but rather an opportunity to be transparent and thorough with what we have uncovered." DeLonge also emphasizes his hopes for a better public discourse on the topic following the show.

If strange alien discussions are your thing, the show is premiering May 31 at 10 P.M. on History. Although a lot of the things DeLonge is saying sound too crazy to be true, his military connections could prove worthwhile.

What do you think of Tom DeLonge's article about aliens and UFOs? Let us know in the comments below.

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