You discovered him during his tenure with blink-182. And you're still rocking out to him as the founder of Angels And Airwaves. We're proud to have alt-rock icon/unidentified aerial phenomena enthusiast Tom DeLonge in front of the APTV camera. Shot at his SoCal home, DeLonge was gracious enough to tell us 10 things about himself that you truly didn't know.

Tom DeLonge's career has incorporated music, movies and recently, government consultation. He could be one of those "been there, done that" snobs, but his enthusiasm for life is genuinely infectious. Whether he's discussing his favorite food (spoiler alert: not Mexican), tennis shoe technology or his favorite toy, he's positively analytical. Get him going on punk rock, and he'll tell you the role it plays in his life today. (He also tells us the last band he and Travis Barker completely went nuts over.)

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We also delve into his fascination with UFOs, alien life and his working with the U.S. government on classified subjects. In our video, he suggests that Hollywood's portrayal of aliens (in films such as Star Wars, The Avengers and Lord Of The Rings) might not be off the mark. But his personal motivations for this area of study are much more philosophical and altruistic. Make all the snark you want about pocket-protector wearing nerds at sci-fi cons. DeLonge's take is far more geopolitical than people have considered.

One last thing: We added a special 11th thing you didn't know about DeLonge. He reveals the melodic-hardcore icon he was trying to imitate with his singing. Ever the good sport, he admits how his buddies continue to roast him about it to this day. So if you want to practice warbling "Where are yoooooooou..." into your bathroom mirror, it's OK by him. You've heard him rock; listen to him talk.