Tom Hanks had an interesting ordeal happen at a music festival when the 62-year-old actor was denied from buying a beer because he didn’t have his ID on him. 

Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were at California’s Stagecoach music festival when it all went down. Also, Wilson performed at the festival. 

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Hanks appeared on the Graham Norton Show to tell the story of when he couldn’t buy a beer. 

"The great thing about these outdoor festivals, like Stagecoach or Coachella, you know, it's really hot, and they have beer pavillions everywhere, so we were there, and Rita sang at about 1.30 in the afternoon, at about 1.10, I decided to go get myself a frosty cold one."

"And I went up and said 'Hi, how you doin?" I give them a couple seconds to let the H-bomb drop... 'Tom Hanks!' 'Hi how are you, nice to see you, could I have a draw please? 'Oh yeah sure, could we see your ID bracelet?'"

Then, Hanks apparently replied saying that “First of all, you know my name, and secondly, I’d like a beer.” 

Apparently, they said they couldn’t sell him one without ID bracelet. He asked where to get a bracelet, which was apparently half a mile away. 

"I said, 'Look, not only am I who you think I am, I'm also 62 goddam years old,'" Hanks said. "These ladies were not allowed to sell me a beer without my official Stagecoach 'I am over 21 ID bracelet.'”

Eventually, Hanks finally got what he wanted — a simple brew. 

"I did not have a beer until somebody went over and got me an ID bracelet, and I came back,” he said. 

He added that the staff felt bad, and the manager even said she’d get fired if she gave him a drink. 

You can watch him tell the entire story below. 

Honestly, we couldn’t imagine denying the famous actor a beverage. 

Hanks is the voice of Woody in Toy Story 4, which just dropped in theaters this weekend. 

Last month,  Disney and Pixar released the final trailer for the film.

The new trailer shows some more clips of Bo Peep and her new badass look, Woody trying to keep everyone together and clips of some new characters that are  introduced in the fourth film.

The new trailer also showed Doom Caboom, voiced by Keanu Reeves, for the first time doing some serious stunts.  

You can watch the trailer for the film below.

Also, in case you haven’t seen the first trailer, you can check that out below.

More Toy Story 4 news

The fourth film in the franchise is the first Pixar film since 1995 to run without a short film before the feature.

The first short film feature before Pixar films occurred in 1998 with A Big’s Life. Before this, only one other Pixar film has been aired without a short, the original Toy Story which was also Pixar’s first-ever feature. Also, the home release featured a short film called Ton Toy.

The film clocks in at 1 hour and 40 minutes, so it’s not like cutting the short saves on time. Therefore, it’s unclear why Disney and Pixar decided against it, especially considering how well the shorts by the company do at the Academy Awards each year.

Despite the lack of short, Toy Story 4 also contains a major cameo we can’t believe — an Easter egg from every Pixar movie ever.

Director Josh Cooley revealed the news at a conference in Orlando and was reported by Cinema Blend.

“If you pause any frame in the story, you’ll see something in the background. From every movie Pixar’s ever done, there’s something in the antique store,” Cooley said.

Many scenes in the film take place inside an antique store, so there’s plenty of opportunity for sneaky cameos.

We previously knew the film had Easter eggs from Monsters Inc. and the Incredibles, but apparently, there’s a lot more in store.

Cooley also explained part of the reason why there are so many cameos in the film, which was partially for convenience.

“The technical challenge in this one was the antique store because there’s 10,000 items for the antique store that all had to be built and shaded and set dressed and everything,” Cooley said. “We didn’t even know if the computers would actually render that … So then we needed to just make more stuff to go into that antique store so a lot of it was made for this film. There’s a lot of Easter eggs in this movie because we just got lazy.”

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