Everyone has been absolutely loving Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man, and apparently so much so he's setting records for the superhero.

The latest Spidey film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, is the first Spider-Man movie to make over a billion dollars.

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Not only is the new flick the highest-grossing Spider-Man film, but it's also the 40th movie to gross over $1 billion at the box office.

If the movie continues to soar, it will soon pass The Dark KnightThe Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyZootopiaAlice in Wonderland, and The Phantom Menace in that order.

Listed below are the earnings of every Spider-Man film (via Box Office Mojo).

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home - $1.005 billion
  2. Spider-Man 3 - $890.9 million
  3. Spider-Man: Homecoming - $880.2 million
  4. Spider-Man - $821.7 million
  5. Spider-Man 2 - $783.8 million
  6. The Amazing Spider-Man - $757.9 million
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - $709.0 million
  8. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - $375.5 million

A few notable things to see in the ranking is that Spider-Man 3 is the second highest-earning Spider-Man film despite the backlash it receives now.

As well-received as it was, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is also the lowest-earning of all with just above 50% of what the next lowest movie made.

Further, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man movies both made less than Holland and Toby McGuire's films making it even more obvious he wasn't a great choice for the role.

With the numbers Far From Home is pulling in, it would be a huge mistake for Marvel and Sony Pictures to cut Holland after his contract ends.

His contract was originally for six movies in total, with three being part of Disney-distributed Marvel Studios movies and three solo films. That leaves only one more film before a new contract has to be signed.

What do you think of Spider-Man: Far From Home being the first Spider-Man movie to make over a billion dollars? Let us know in the comments below.

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