In a new interview with NME, Tom DeLonge reveals that books and movies aren’t the only thing on his plate right now. “I'm doing a project I can't talk about that's bigger than Poet Anderson, that's dealing with issues of national security,” the former Blink-182 singer claims. “So I'm flying out to New Mexico to have a meeting with the general of the US Air Force Space Command.”

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He added, “This'll be my third meeting with that individual. What's even crazier is I had breakfast with two guys who work at Area 51 three days ago. So I'm telling you, I'm doing some really, really important things right now. And I don't have time to try and get people to believe in me or buy into it. When it rolls out, people will understand.”

Earlier this year, DeLonge spoke about his extraterrestrial encounters during an in-depth interview with Papermag, during which he claimed that he is in danger due to the knowledge he possess. 

in other news, he is also “totally willing and interested” is rejoining Blink-182.