A few days ago, Tom DeLonge took to Twitter (again) to clarify his previous statement of planning to release four new albums this year, saying that two LPs will be under Angels & Airwaves' moniker and two will be solo, three of which will be released with novels. You can read the tweet below.

Additionally, in an Instagram post that went live Saturday night and has since been taken down, DeLonge claimed that he is currently in multiple contacts with "best selling authors" that are co-writing fifteen novels with him, (via Rolling Stone). 

"One of the reasons all this Blink stuff went haywire was because I am in 6 contracts with Best Selling Authors that are co-writing 15 Novels with me personally. Each one has an EP soundtrack that launches with it," DeLonge explained on Instagram. "I told my manager the contract that was sent to me for the Blink deal contained weird new language that I had to drop all that music for almost a year. I said I couldn't, but I could record the album in and around those things that were already in the works. He wrote them an email saying I'm out- (I didn't know- and he was only talking about the deal) next thing you know, a press release saying things I didn't say. Here we are..... Well.... Read a fucking book- at least one of mine, please."

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For starters, we know that he will be releasing To The Stars, an effort expected to contain new Blink-182 demos, "along with a few extra tracks," on April 20. In case you missed it, listen to the effort's lead single and possible former Blink-182 demo, "New World." Two more tracks will be released before the album's official debut, with the next one coming March 23 and the third on April 6.

Other than that, however, no other concrete details have been revealed in regards to further records or content in general from DeLonge. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that a movie is still reportedly due out for A&A's latest album, The Dream Walker, which was released in December. 

With movies, books and more planned, it will be interesting to see what he actually does release this year.