In a new interview with GQ, former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge opens up about his new book, Sekret Machines, and his belief in extraterrestrial life.

“I've had a couple moments in my life that were interesting and odd, but nothing like someone who looks up one afternoon while driving home from work and there's something glowing and it's multiple city blocks large, and it's moving and changing shape, then it turns into a ball of light and rockets straight up into space,” he says. 

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“That happens every single day somewhere in the world. And every single time we might read about it online and pass it over because we assume it's someone hallucinating. But it's real.”

He continues, “When you read the Sekret Machines novel, you'll find out that our government is building machinery, and what people are seeing a lot of the time is our machinery and we're doing it for very specific reasons.” 

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“When they find that out, I think the sense of pride that we'll have with our government's efforts and the breakthroughs that they've had and what they're doing it for is exciting. People need to know this stuff to get excited again about all these topics of engineering and science. It's the same thing that inspired the country to go the Moon. We've far surpassed that effort, but in secret. It's all in the book. There's a pilot that gets promoted to a civilian program financed by private interests, and he's flying machinery that really does exist.”

Sekret Machines launches April 5 with Book 1: Chasing Shadows. (Pre-orders are on sale now.)