The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Tom DeLonge, of Angels & Airwaves and Blink-182 fame, is directing his own film called Strange Times.

DeLonge will direct, his band Angels & Airwaves will score and his multi-media company, To The Stars, will produce it.

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The title, Strange Times, is from DeLonge's planned book series. The first in the trilogy, Strange Times: The Ghost In The Girl, released last October.

DeLonge says to The Hollywood Reporter: “I grew up in Southern California as a disaffected young skateboarder who broke the occasional law or five, and I was always dreaming about the world around me, obsessively looking for the more unusual and imaginative experiences that life has to offer."

Strange Times will center on rebellious skateboarding friends who encounter, and subsequently investigate, paranormal activity in San Diego.

Ben Kull co-wrote the script with DeLonge. He also worked with Kull on the animated short Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

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"That’s the inspiration behind Strange Times, which is about the tribe of broken youth and the restless spirit that inspired me to form Blink-182 and seek out adventure," DeLonge adds.

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