Tom DeLonge has been teasing plenty these past few months. From aliens to Angels & Airwaves, he’s had his fair share of projects keeping him busy.

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Earlier this month, DeLonge teased a possible return to blink-182, saying Travis Barker contacted him for an interview and clarified that “yes Blinkies, we also talked a bit about other stuff.”

While we haven’t heard anything directly from Barker, we might have gotten a first confirmation that he and DeLonge are working together.

We’ve seen plenty of studio updates from Barker recently, but one in particular really stands out.

He shared what appeared to be a standard studio photo—but that guitar is something special. As Tone Deaf points out, it’s an ES-333—which just so happens to be Tom DeLonge’s signature...

[Photo by:
Tone Deaf, travisbarker/Instagram]

Curious now? We are, too.

This isn't the first time DeLonge has talked about his return to blink-182. Back in May, he talked to The San Diego Union-Tribune about his possible return, seemingly suggesting that it is likely there will be a reunion at some point.

"Blink is in my DNA. I talk to Travis quite a bit and we try and figure out how and when it’s going to make sense," DeLonge shared.

"It’s not like I (permanently) walked away. They have someone doing my job for me (in blink). It’s just that I’m so busy. If I wanted to, I could be back (in blink) in a period of days."

Plus he says he still "owns the band," explaining that he, Mark Hoppus and Barker "own everything blink-related."

And also back in May, DeLonge teased that he had a "good convo" with Barker, possibly hinting toward a Box Car Racer reunion...

We're not sure what to expect, but we'll keep our eyes peeled. 

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