[Photo by: Tonight Alive/Facebook, Coldplay]

Watching a band you love covering another band you love is a fan’s dream, so fans of Tonight Alive and Coldplay are in for a major treat.

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Tonight Alive performed the cover on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show.

To intro the cover song, the band’s vocalist Jenna McDougall said, “Yellow is the theme of our record Underworld. It’s a color that we and our fans are resonating with right now.”

McDougall continues, saying:

“It’s the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is where the personal power comes from. It’s where the soul resides, and for me, I’m using yellow as a color to wear and adorn my face with to sort of enhance that frequency in my life of self-assurance, and sort of confidence, expression, authenticity, transparency, things like that. Yellow is actually our theme right now, so it’s really cool that there’s a song that kind of catches that.”

The band also played their songs "Temple" and "Disappear," taken from the band’s latest album Underworld.

Here’s the time each song is performed:

“Disappear” - 02:06

“Temple” - 09:25

"Yellow” cover - 17:00

You can check out the full performance and listen to the interview below!