Tony Hawk has announced the lineup for Tony Hawk’s Weekend Jam, a festival bringing together music and skateboarding. The multiday event will take place in Las Vegas May 12-15.

The artist roster for the Weekend Jam brings together a wide range of artists, with a strong showing from pioneering punk artists. Among the acts are Descendents, DEVO, X, Cold Cave, the Vandals, Warish and Modest Mouse.

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The skating world is also heavily represented, with appearances by Andy Macdonald, Bucky Lasek, Christian Hosoi, Kevin Staab, Lizzie Armanto, Rune Glifberg, Sandro Dias and Steve Caballero.

tony hawk weekend jam flyer

Tony Hawk’s Weekend Jam will take place at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center and is presented by Pollen. During the event, attendees can experience skate contests, live bands, a gaming lounge and food trucks.

There will also be a welcome party, Vert Alert exhibition, legends skate demo, best trick competition, guest DJs, a skate shop and an awards ceremony and speech by Hawk.

Overall, the event showcases the resurging energy surrounding music and skateboarding. While the link between the two has always been crucial, there have been a number of happenings in the music world acknowledging the history and energy that skating brings to music.

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DC Shoes paid tribute to Black Sabbath’s legendary Master Of Reality with a shoe collab, also releasing an album of covers featuring J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Surfbort, the Melvins and more. Punk veterans Circle Jerks teamed up with Atiba Jefferson, the legendary photographer known for shooting skating, music and basketball. The video for “Wild In The Streets” was a homage to skating history, showcasing footage of pioneers like Hawk.

Many collaborations showcase the deep connections between music and the whole of skate culture. Surfbort teamed up with skating star Lizzie Armanto, who directed their video for “Lot Lizard 93.” The song also showed support for sex workers, making it clear that both music and skating are about something bigger.

Meanwhile, Caballero’s band Urethane has helped bridge the gap between the past and present, carrying the torch for skate punk while continuing to build a new sound. In an interview with AltPress, Caballero made clear why he naturally bridges the gap between music and skating.

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“​​What I’ve learned from patience is the definition of long suffering, which is the same for music,” Caballero says. “Fail to succeed is huge for me. If you can get over the fear of failing, you are going to be successful in whatever you do. Whenever I am attracted to something, I put a lot of hours into it, and sometimes people do not see that.”

Tony Hawk’s Weekend Jam is a fitting representation of our moment. The festival brings together not only music and skating but multiple generations who helped bring energy to both.

For more info on the festival, visit here.