Call it “neon punk,” call it “Myspace-core,” call it something even nastier, but we won’t stop listening to the top 10 from the weird-ass genre that emerged in the mid-2000s. Some of these artists went on to have huge mainstream success and others, well, you can’t delete anything off the internet, right? Bring the party on, studded belt and all.

1. 3OH!3  – “PunkBitch”

3OH!3 are a neon mainstay that have lasted past the era’s peak, finding success in a genre where most others have lost their steam. The duo’s standout party anthem “PunkBitch” sums up what it means to be a club hit: stabbing electronic beats, DGAF antics and booming bass hits that’ll make you want to drop it while sippin’ on some gin and poppin’ mad bottles—as one does. 

2. Cobra Starship – “Bring It [Snakes On A Plane]”

We know you’re still mending your paint-splattered heart since Cobra Starship announced their departure from the scene last year. Nurse the pain with a few spins of the band’s essential jam, “Bring It [Snakes On A Plane].” With every “oh, I’m ready for it” and “kiss me goodbye” in the chorus, nostalgia for the Decaydance-era and whiffs of neon-pink nail polish simultaneously become stronger. 

3. Millionares – “Alcohol”

Myspace mavens Millionaires have a résumé filled with club-ready bangers, and their hit “Alcohol” is the perfect concoction of pulsating electro-pop with pop-rap vocals destined for any and every night out. The track combines infectious, synth-smashing instrumentals with bubblegum brazen lyrics, proving that this is the track to blast when you just want to “get fucked up.” 

4. The Medic Droid – “Fer Sure”

Ah, the song that was the autoplay soundtrack to everyone’s Myspace in 2008. From the shouted lyrics over electro-beats to the song-defining “JK JK JK LOLOLOL” breakdown in the middle, this track from the Medic Droid will live on in infamy, if only for being the reason your mother soundproofed your room. 

5. Breathe Carolina – “IDGAF”

Breathe Carolina do genre-bending in the best way. Layering a few rough screams over hook-laden choruses (C’mon, who isn’t singing along to “I don’t give a fuck/I don’t give a fuck!”) makes their 2009 effort Hello Fascination last long beyond the synthesizers.

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6. Jeffree Star – "Louis Vuitton Body Bag” [featuring Matt Skiba]

Jeffree Star the makeup overlord is not a far cry from Jeffree Star the musician. The name of the game is luxury and glam wrapped in a neon pink bow—that happens to be splattered with blood and sprinkled with shards of a poisoned lollipop. Star joins forces with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio for this display of gore and opulence.

7. Metro Station – “Shake It”

It seems like only yesterday Hot Topic clad their walls with colorful Metro Station shirts. Eight years later, “Shake It” remains the neon-punk classic that never fails to get stuck in your head. The smooth electronic beats at the front of the track don’t prepare you for the tongue-twisting chorus and classic “shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it,” a deadly combination that iwill live in your head for days after even just one listen. 

8. Brokencyde – "Get Crunk"

Brokencyde vomited out "crunkcore" in a neon-colored wave, much to the world's chagrin. It might be offensive, but it has it's merits. First of all, it gave us something to dance to—reluctantly. Also, it encapsulated a moment in time littered with glitter, large hair bows, asymmetrical haircuts and pig-squealing. Bree bree, y'all! 

9. Cash Cash – “Party In Your Bedroom”

Before this Jersey three-piece were performing with Busta Rhymes and doing remixes for Katy Perry, there was Take It To The Floor. Cash Cash’s 2008 debut album catapulted them into a heavy touring circuit with scene faves Forever The Sickest Kids, Boys Like Girls and Hey Monday, as well as a stint on Warped Tour. “Party In Your Bedroom” was the song even kids’ parents were humming. It probably still closes out middle school dances somewhere in the Midwest. 

10. Family Force 5 – “Love Addict”

Do yourself a favor and take a minute to check out the music video for this: Sometimes we need reminding of what our scene actually looked like in the mid-2000s. Coordinated outfits and rhythmic gymnasts aside, Family Force 5 brought weirdness to new levels with their debut album Business Up Front/Party In The Back. (Note: Referencing mullets in your album title? A-okay in our book.) Don’t worry, though—they’re still cranking out incredible beats to this day. 

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