Due to anxiety stemming from crossing the American border into Canada, Trace Cyrus of Metro Station has regretfully dropped out of today's Toronto Warped Tour date. 

Cyrus shared the news via his Twitter account: 

Toronto I deeply apologize but I won't be making it to the Warped Tour date today in Canada. Most every time I cross into Canada, border agents treat me like a criminal. Even though I've never been arrested, had a DUI, or any serious trouble with the law. With the image I have I become an immediate target. One of my last times going there I was put in a room for hours and interrogated and searched till after hours of them finding nothing they finally let me go. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks and the idea of being detained in a room against my will is just something I can't handle mentally right now. I'm embarrassed that I have to cancel this show. I've been around the world playing shows since I was 18 and never have I been treated this way in any other country. My fans in Canada are amazing. I love playing shows there but right now this issue is just stoping me from making it to this show. When u r part of a very famous family it seems they r hoping they find something illegal just so they can make a news story about it and make an example out of me. I hope u guys can be understanding and realize I am deeply sorry and I will be back to Canada in the future to make it up to u. Once again I apologize to my fans, band, and everyone involved in warped tour.

Trace, we hope you feel better soon!

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