Transit (photo: Erik Rojas) have parted ways with founding guitarist Tim Landers (pictured, second), who will be continuing on with his other endeavors, Off & On and Misser. Landers announced the news tonight on Facebook:

"It is with a heavy heart that I say this: Transit and I have parted ways.

Support the rest of the guys with their new music and touring. I will be pursuing other musical outlets.

Thanks to anyone that has supported me making music in any way/shape/form over the last decade.

There is so much more to come."

Landers later added a second statement:

"I sincerely appreciate the support from anyone and everyone responding to the news of Transit and I parting ways. 

I know for sure the band will rock on without me, as they are all talented individuals. Don't think any differently. 

As for Joyride, I did write and contribute to the album with Transit. Alas, I have been led to believe that anything I physically tracked is not on the record. I have not heard the finished product, but I'm sure it's great. 

For me: you will hear much new music from Off & On soon- that is where my head and hands have been. To anyone asking about Misser, Brad [Wiseman] and I briefly worked on some songs together when he was last in Boston. We have been discussing an album or new release in the future."

Transit will be releasing their brand new studio album, and now last with Landers' contributions, titled Joyride, on October 21, 2014 via Rise Records. A statement from the band has not been made at this time. They currently have tours booked in October and November.