Trapt vocalist Chris Taylor Brown apparently owes someone some money.

Artist Travis Livingstone says that Brown is trying to "dodge payments" for a lyric video he is creating for the band. Now, Brown is speaking out about the situation.

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Livingstone created the cover artwork for Trapt's two most recent albums. He also directed the lyric video for "Make It Out Alive," off of Trapt's new album Shadow Work. Livingstone now claims that Brown is dodging payments over the work he has done.

The artist posted in the Facebook group Trapt OFFICIAL is a joke with his story.

"Hello all," he says. "I'm embarrassed to say that I am the guy who did the album art for Trapt's two most recent albums, and the lyric video for 'Make It Out Alive!' In the process of doing a second video for 'Tell Me How You Really Feel' and he is trying to dodge payment."

According to Livingstone, Brown claims he is unable to pay him for the commissioned work due to insufficient funds.

"[He's] saying his social media advertising agency accidentally, and conveniently, spent $4000 (the price of the video) and he only has $500 to his name until September," Livingstone says.

Livingstone further shares that he is filing a small claims suit against Brown and Trapt next week.

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Now, Brown is speaking out with his side of the story. According to the vocalist, Trapt isn't paying Livingstone because the finished product is, in their opinion, unreleasable.

One Twitter user argues that the band should still pay Livingstone for his work regardless of how they feel about the finished product. For Brown, he says that Livingstone "dropped the ball" on what the band initially agreed to. He also thinks he is doing Livingstone "a favor" by not releasing the video.

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This latest scenario comes just days after it was reported that Trapt's new album Shadow Work didn't sell as many copies in its first week as the band anticipated.

As well, the band are booked to play in South Dakota for the 88th annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally next month. The event will not require attendees to practice social distancing or wear protective masks. Smash MouthBuckcherry and Drowning Pool are among the other acts scheduled to play the multi-day event.

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