Well, it looks like Trapt may be appearing on a future episode of Judge Judy.

The band are currently facing legal troubles with video artist Travis Livingstone who reportedly has not been paid for the work he's done.

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Back in July, we learned that Livingstone filed a small claims suit against Trapt's vocalist Chris Taylor Brown after he reportedly dodged payments.

Livingstone created the cover artwork for Trapt’s two most recent albums. He also directed the lyric video for “Make It Out Alive,” off of Trapt’s new album Shadow Work. After realizing that Brown was dodging payments, he shared his story online.

“Hello all,” he said. “I’m embarrassed to say that I am the guy who did the album art for Trapt’s two most recent albums, and the lyric video for ‘Make It Out Alive!’ In the process of doing a second video for ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel‘ and he is trying to dodge payment.”

According to Livingstone, Brown claimed he was unable to pay him for the commissioned work due to insufficient funds.

“[He’s] saying his social media advertising agency accidentally, and conveniently, spent $4000 (the price of the video) and he only has $500 to his name until September,” Livingstone said. “I’ll be filing a small claims suit on Monday."

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Now, CBS has reportedly caught wind of the situation. According to Metal Sucks, a Facebook post revealed that Livingstone recently received a letter from a CBS producer about bringing his small claims case to Judge Judy.

"Our field researchers have selected and brought my attention the small claims case that you have filed in the [redacted] small claims court against Chris Brown," the letter reads.

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The letter guarantees Livingstone the money he is owed should he agree to appear on Judge Judy and win. If he wins the case on the TV show, he will receive the money, an aspect that a non-TV court may not grant him. As well, both parties will receive a $500 appearance fee, something that could persuade Brown to appear on the show.

Following Livingstone's statement back in July, Brown shared his own side of the story. According to Brown, Trapt aren't paying Livingstone because the finished product is, in their opinion, unreleasable.

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Brown further said that Livingstone “dropped the ball” on what the band initially agreed to and he is doing Livingstone “a favor” by not releasing the video.

This latest development comes just days after 260,000 coronavirus cases have been linked back to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Trapt and Smash Mouth were among various musical acts who performed at the South Dakota festival.

Photos and videos from the performances showed that most audience members did not wear masks or social distance. Smash Mouth's involvement has caused them to receive hate mail from former fans and onlookers.

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