It looks like we may not get to see Trapt on Judge Judy after all. 

Last week, it was revealed that a CBS producer reached out to Travis Livingstone, a video artist who is suing Chris Taylor Brown, about appearing on the popular television show. Now, Brown says Trapt "would never go" on the show.

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For those that need a recap, Brown is currently being sued by Livingstone who was commissioned to do some video work for Trapt. Livingstone created the cover artwork for Trapt’s two most recent albums. He also directed the lyric video for “Make It Out Alive,” off of Trapt’s new album Shadow Work.

Back in July, however, Livingstone soon realized Brown was dodging payments and shared his story online.

“Hello all,” he said. “I’m embarrassed to say that I am the guy who did the album art for Trapt’s two most recent albums, and the lyric video for ‘Make It Out Alive!’ In the process of doing a second video for ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel‘ and he is trying to dodge payment.”

According to Livingstone, Brown claimed he was unable to pay him for the commissioned work due to insufficient funds. He then announced his plans to file a lawsuit against Brown.

“[He’s] saying his social media advertising agency accidentally, and conveniently, spent $4000 (the price of the video) and he only has $500 to his name until September,” Livingstone said. “I’ll be filing a small claims suit on Monday.”

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Then, last week, it was revealed that Livingstone was contacted by a CBS producer. According to a Facebook post, the producer had heard about the small claims suit and offered Livingstone the chance to appear on Judge Judy.

“Our field researchers have selected and brought my attention the small claims case that you have filed in the [redacted] small claims court against Chris Brown,” the letter reads.

The deal guarantees Livingstone the money he is owed should he agree to appear on Judge Judy and win. If he wins the case on the TV show, he will receive the money, an aspect that a non-TV court may not grant him. As well, both parties will receive a $500 appearance fee.

For some, this cash incentive would be enough to appear on Judge Judy. However, Brown isn't swayed. On Friday, he tweeted that Trapt “would never go" on the show. 

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“We’ll definitely would never go on a show with a dude who should be thanking me for not putting his attempt at a lyric video out,” the tweet says. “He got almost 3k for the first lyric video and the deal was deliver and I pay whatever we talked about. He didn’t. End of story.”

Brown previously revealed the reason why he isn't going to pay Livingstone for the commissioned work. According to him, Trapt aren’t paying Livingstone because the finished product is, in their opinion, unreleasable.

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Brown further said that Livingstone “dropped the ball” on what the band initially agreed to and he is doing Livingstone “a favor” by not releasing the video.

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