Trapt recently dropped their latest album Shadow Work. Now, according to SoundScan, it appears that no amount of tweeting could help with the album's overall sales. SoundScan estimates that only 600 copies of Trapt's new album were sold in its first week.

Despite the report, however, the band are claiming that far more copies of Shadow Work were sold.

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Trapt have been pretty active on Twitter recently. Between getting into arguments with Ice-T and Danny Diablo on the social media platform, the band haven't exactly kept a low profile. The controversy surrounding the band even led to a petition asking for Trapt's "Headstrong" to be left off of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 soundtrack.

Finally, back in May, the band decided to take a break from their Twitter beefs to put out their new album Shadow Work. Trapt vocalist Chris Taylor Brown proclaimed that Shadow Work is one of the "top 5" albums of all time.

Shadow Work
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This, of course, led to a slew of comments on Twitter. A few weeks after the initial tweet, Brown responded to a Twitter user who predicted that Shadow Work would sell a mere 2,700 copies in its first week. Brown claimed that the album would likely double that sales figure.

Shadow WorkStream N’ Destroy newsletterShadow Work

The band, however, are disputing this information. According to Brown, almost 4000 copies of Shadow Work were sold between July 3 and July 9.

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Trapt 2016’s album DNA sold 4,500 copies its first week. This means that if the SoundScan data is correct, Trapt's first-week numbers for Shadow Work have dropped over 87 percent.

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