It looks like Trapt are coming after Facebook after their band account was removed from the platform.

The band were booted from the social media site this week after a post was accused of spreading hate speech.

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For those that don't know, or don't really care, Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown is a known, and proud, Trump supporter. Earlier this year, he went on a pro-Trump rant at the start of the pandemic and eventually started a slew of social media beef with Ice T, Danny Diablo and more.

Now, it looks like Facebook isn't too keen on Brown's beliefs. This week, Trapt shared the following post on their social media accounts including Facebook.

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Eventually, the post got enough reports that Facebook decided to do something about it. Trapt's entire account has since been deleted from the platform. Prior to its removal, Trapt's Facebook page had 596,000 likes (which is more than the number of people that allegedly bought their new album in its first week).

Now, Brown is speaking out on the situation and is, of course, threatening to sue Facebook. He says there was no reason for their account to get deleted since they didn't use the phrase "Proud Boys." However, it's clear the platform thought otherwise.

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Brown used Trapt's still-standing Twitter page to also talk about his support within the Proud Boys, a far-right, neo-fascist and male-only political organization.

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"We need to have a talk about why you lie so much. Proud Boys are a defensive group. Those boys were out there to protect those who want to protest without being attacked. You are a moron @lukeobrien

Even though Trapt say they will never appear on Judge Judy, there's always time to give her a call if they do plan to sue Facebook. However, they may want to settle the pending lawsuit against them before getting any ideas.

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