A parody Twitter account for the band Trapt surfaced this past weekend, resulting in a number of meme-worthy tweets and even a confused Senses Fail

The Los Gatos natives are as known for their messiness as they are for their iconic songs like “Headstrong,” and “Sound Off.” For years, the band has spent their free time fighting with other bands and celebrities. In 2015, they got into it with Dangerkids frontman Andy Bane, saying that their song “Headstrong” makes “more money yearly” than Bane has ever made “in [his] whole life.” 

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More recently, the band responded to a tweet from actor Chris Evans of Captain America fame. Evans criticized President Trump for how he's handling the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. Evans said that the nation wants “leadership,” and Trapt responded and said that Trump’s decision to close off travel to and from China is the only reason there are not “bodies piling up and hospitals being overrun with the system about to fail.” 

The band then went on a Twitter rampage, commenting and using the hashtags #whiteprivilegedoesnotexist and #nooneisbeingoppressedin2020. Then, the band started tweet-arguing with Tilian Pearson, the singer for Dance Gavin Dance. Attila frontman Chris Fronzak jumped into the fray, saying it was “amazing” to see Trapt “get straight bodied by warped tour Twitter.” Telle Smith of the Word Alive also commented, urging the band to show screenshots of their bank account. 

Two weeks have passed since that initial interaction with Evans but the band is still going at it with others on Twitter including I Prevail, Trivium and Silent Planet.

It’s no wonder, then, that the Trapt parody account started posting with guns blazing on Sunday. The account tweeted about “Headstrong,” saying that there was no way any of the “posers” could play it. 

“There’s no way any of you fucking posers could learn headstrong on the guitar. We can’t even play it. I haven’t played a real guitar on stage since George W Bush was [president].” 

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The tweet got thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets, but the comment section is gold. 

There were some tweets that seemed to agree with the parody account’s claim, with one user responding simply with the word “checkmate.” Another Twitter user said that they could “play the song with [their] toes,” because the song is so easy. 

Another Twitter user dunked on the band by calling out the typo in the band’s tweet. 

“You can’t even spell president, we don’t expect you to play any instruments well.”

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Another Twitter user tagged the band’s real account in their tweet, saying that “Headstrong” was “too headstrong” for the band itself. 

Fans recognized the parody account pretty quickly, but it took Senses Fail a little longer to find out the account was fake. 

“Wait is this real?” the band wrote after they retweeted the fake tweet.

One Senses Fail fan clarified the tweet, saying that it was a parody account and the tweet was meant to mock Thomas Freckleton, the guitarist for Silent Planet

“Trapt is busy arguing about abortion now,” the tweet also stated. 

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Many fans have pointed out that the vibe of the parody account isn’t too far off from that of Trapt’s official account. 

“Can barely tell the difference.”

Would you be able to tell the difference between Trapt’s official account and the parody? Let us know in the comments!