Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown is continuing his Twitter rants, that have now passed the month-long mark. If you thought the electric Ice-T portion of this was over, you were wrong. 

Brown continues "defending himself" on Twitter and has now caused Ice-T to mock him again and might be fighting both Danny Diablo and Power Trip's Riley Gale. 

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For those who haven't been following along, Trapt's frontman, Chris Taylor Brown, drew attention to his Twitter rants by calling out Captain America star Chris Evans about Donald Trump's response to coronavirus. He began using #whiteprivilegedoesnotexist and spouting rampant hate in the direction of anyone who dared question his ideas. 

At the start, it was random Twitter users. Brown resorted to his favorite insult which is something along the lines of calling people variations of "Bernie beta bitches."

Once this got big enough, bands like Born Of Osiris, Power Trip, Attila, I Prevail and Dance Gavin Dance jumped in to shut this guy up. Brown's main talking point was that Trapt's streaming numbers on Pandora were way higher than everybody else's. As soon as a band that was more successful than his chimed in, Brown moved on to a different target

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This eventually led to Gale of Power Trip challenging Brown to a battle of the bands of sorts. Both would play a show in Brown's hometown at different venues, but at the same time. Whoever drew more of a crowd would win and the loser would donate their guarantee to charity. That never happened.

The Twitter tirade continued until someone made a Trapt parody account. This gained a lot of attention for its hilarious tweets that obviously got under Brown's skin. Not able to take a joke, Brown threatened legal action against the parody account. 

Next, Brown turned his attention to the Sumerian Records roster and calling out Body Count (Ice-T's) band. Eventually, after he was tagged a bunch, Ice-T tweeted at Brown which is probably the most star interaction Brown has had in his entire life. 

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The insults against Ice-T ultimately led to Diablo getting involved as he came to Ice-T’s defense. It all started when Diabo tweeted the following,


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Diablo’s response obviously sparked something in Brown who, rather than letting it all go, decided to add more fuel to the fire by saying the following,

“Well you are a massive loser who contributes nothing to this country! Get the fuck out… you damn freeloading POS,” he tweets.

From there, a back and forth continued with both trading insults. Eventually, that feud quieted down as Brown tried to get Taylor Swift's attention by dragging I Prevail back into the mess.

That brings us to the here and now.

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Trapt's Brown has pretty much flown off the handle now. He started by challenging Ice-T to a fight who has remained cool and collected the whole time. He's in such a blind rage that he also keeps shouting for a bare-knuckle fight between him and Danny Diablo and him and Riley Gale. He wants to fight both of them. 

Sit back and enjoy the show.

So Ice-T jumped back in for a brief moment and ended with some wise words.

Then Brown went off again.

"Where the fuck is @DannyDiablo," Trapt tweets. "I need to fight you in any way you want, cause I NEED to fight @RILEY_CYRUS bare knuckled! This is not a fucking joke!! This is man to man! If I need to get through Danny for the pleasure of cracking Riley’s face, sanctioned, I will! I want this!!!"

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Attila's Fronz jumped in for a quick joke.

Danny Diablo wants to set up the fight and donate all of the money to the Children's Tumor Foundation.


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The feud continues on with Brown peacocking about his physical prowess, band's legendary status and how he's going to break Gale.



If any details of this fight actually come to light and Trapt's Brown doesn't back out, you'll hear from us.

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