Gym Class Heroes' Travie McCoy has shared a new single and music video titled “Stop It.” The track comes ahead of his new album, NEVER SLEPT BETTER, arriving July 15 via Hopeless Records.

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“This song about me reclaiming my position in this space,” McCoy says in a press release. “I’ve been quiet for a decade, so stop it with the where have you been questions, it doesn’t matter, I’m here right now, so let’s GO!!!! Underdogs always come out on top, so STOP IT!!!! I GOT IT!!”

The new track follows June 2021's “A Spoonful Of Cinnamon,” which marked his first release since 2015.

You can preorder the album, as well as secure exclusive NEVER SLEPT BETTER vinyl and merch here.

Watch the video for “Stop It” below.


1. “..never slept better..”
2. “Stop It”
3. “Deja Fait”
4. “Loved Me Back To Life”
5. “The Bridge” (feat. Elohim)
6. “Down and Out in L.A.”
7. “matty's mattresses: deluxe la”
8. “A Spoonful Of Cinnamon”
9. “Another Round”
10. “Full Monarch”
11. “matty's mattresses: from larvae to monarch”
12. “I Am Pagliacci”
13. “The Best Part Of Revenge”
14. “Karma Kama Sutra”
15. “Broken Barometer Blues”
16. “matty's mattresses: weatherproof”
17. “I'll Never Be Loved” (feat. Hamzaa)

Travie McCoy appeared in issue 404 (The Modern Icons Issue), available here.