Travie McCoy has released a new music video for "The Bridge." McCoy is joined by Elohim on the track.

The music video was directed by Angelica Valente and Pseudo.

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At first glance, "The Bridge" is a spacey, relaxed track, but the song's lyrics will bring listeners back to Earth. McCoy's delivery remains consistent and calm even while rapping about losing loved ones or giving up his career.

In the music video, McCoy sits alone in a cluttered room before being transported to a lush field of green. Elohim is waiting for him, clad in white, gauzy robes and holding a golden mask.

Additionally, McCoy's choreography is infused with sign language, and the song's lyrics appear at the bottom of the frame.

McCoy's new album, NEVER SLEPT BETTER, releases July 15 via Hopelesss Records. The project marks McCoy's first studio album since 2010's Lazarus.

Check out "The Bridge" below.