Travis Barker has opened up about new music, and apparently it will give us throwback vibes.

The blink-182 drummer opened up to Billboard about Fyre Festival, his collabs with artists and more.

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Barker said blink-182 is about “70 percent” finished with the new album, which he compared to their 2003 self-titled record, which he says is more experimental.

“I feel like this is the closest we’ve come to something like Blink-182 since that album, which is one of my favorite Blink albums by far,” he says. “With this album we’re reestablishing new songs, new rhythms, new ideas.”

To get more specific, he talked about how songs on California have brother-sister records to older songs like “Rock Show” or “First Date.” However, songs like “I Miss You” and “Feeling This” can’t really be compared to any other tracks, which is what he feels like the new record sounds like.

He also teased when fans might be able to hear the new songs, saying possibly April, May or June.

“That’s the target. It’s kind of loose. But I feel like it’s happening right around there,” Barker said.

As far as singles come, Barker said there’s one track they call “Paris” that was initially a beat made for Juice WRLD. It somehow morphed into a blink-182 song when Mark Hoppus liked it.

Barker added that his work with hip-hop is influencing the band's new sound.

“It excites me to be able to include [its influence] in Blink the same way I did on self-titled. I’ve always known my role and what I should and shouldn’t do when it comes to Blink albums,” Barker said.

“I can give just enough to give it a vibe. There’s so much rap music that’s inspired by pop-punk and punk rock. …. We’re in a great time where both styles of music can live together, create something natural that feels new.”

Well, we cannot wait to hear the new music and blast it on repeat.

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