blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is one of the biggest and most-respected percussionists in music. While he spends a lot of time performing and recording songs with blink, he also collaborates with many other artists as well. 

From Halsey to FEVER 333 to Lil Peep, Barker has added his signature sound to many songs in the scene. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which collab you just really need to hear at a specific moment. 

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We’ve made a quiz to figure out which Barker collab you really need to jam out to today, so grab your headphones and take it down below. 

More on Travis Barker

nothing,nowhere. is among Barker’s many epic collabs. After teasing some studio sessions, the rapper and blink-182 drummer announced a collaborative EP and dropped the first single, “destruction.”

To backtrack, in February, Billboard revealed that Barker recorded three songs with the rapper.

He said they were in the studio and working on something that was hard to categorize. “He’s not quite SoundCloud rap but not a straight-up band,” Barker shared. “He’s pushing the envelope.”

Barker also gave the rapper credit for taking time for his mental health, referencing when he canceled his tour back in 2018.

You know how many times not only myself, not only nothing,nowhere., [but other artists] don't wanna go on tour, don't even wanna leave the house?” Barker begins. “For him to actually say, ‘I’m not touring; I don’t even care how big these shows are; I’m staying home to deal with my mental health’—at the end of the day, that's why he makes great music that moves people. He’s writing from personal experience. He’s not making records about flexing. It’s real.”

In May, nothing,nowhere. shared a sneak peek at another studio session he just had with Barker. In the tweet, he tagged the drummer and put two smiling devil emojis, suggesting the two were definitely up to something.

Last month, they finally revealed what all of the teasing was about. The EP is called bloodlust and drops Sept. 20. You can see the merch, album cover and more in an Instagram post from nothing,nowhere. here.

Which Travis Barker collab did you need to hear today? Sound off in the comments below!