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Travis Barker drums up rework of “Friends Go” with Maggie Lindemann

We’re still not sure if Travis Barker ever sleeps. For his latest endeavor, he took blossoming songstress Maggie Lindemann under his wing for a collab on her ska-inspired hit, “Friends Go.”

Doubling down on her own brand of multigenre alt-pop, Lindemann has been skyrocketing since her breakthrough hit “Pretty Girl,” catching the attention of another well-known musician with deep ska roots.

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Initially meeting over FaceTime, Barker was impressed by Lindemann’s fresh single. The first impression was enough for the blink-182 drummer to offer his services for a reimagining of the track.

What was originally a surreal moment for Lindemann, a ska and blink fan, quickly turned into a reality. In classic Barker fashion, it only took one attempt to remake her latest hit.

“He said that he really liked the first version of ‘Friends Go’ and really wanted to jump on it and make a live, more punk version of it,” she explains. “We got in the studio, and he laid it down the first time he tried, and it was perfect.”

Seeing a master of his craft made a strong impression on Lindemann, who was awestruck by Barker’s efficiency and raw skill.

“Being in the studio and seeing him just listen to the song and go in, play it on the drums and be perfect the first time, it’s so cool to me,” she says. “That’s just talent. It’s sick.”

Lindemann, however, should be getting accustomed to working with big names at this point. The original track’s production was assisted by Jake Sinclair, a producer on Panic! At The Disco’s smash hit “High Hopes” and the rest of Pray For The Wicked.

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“When I heard that he was going to be doing ‘Friends Go,’ it was just another one of those surreal moments that you’re just like, ‘Wow, someone that works with Panic! [At The Disco] would want to fuck with me,’” she says.

While she credits a wide array of genres as influences, the rising alt-pop star doesn’t want to corner herself when it comes to music. She listens to “literally all genres” but cites rock ’n’ roll as her go-to.

Evidenced by the upstrokes and trumpeting of “Friends Go,” Lindemann dropped No Doubt as a major player in her musical interest.

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“Growing up, I listened to a lot of No Doubt,” she says. “My mom loved them. I know there’s not a lot of that music anymore, so I just wanted to do my own take on it and experiment with it to see how it was.”

Looking forward, Lindemann has an endless list of artists she wants to work with. However, a familiar name came to mind when asked who’s next on her ideal collab list.

YUNGBLUD. I’m so obsessed with his music,” she says. “I love how he’s bringing the U.K. rock thing back.”

You can check out “Friends Go ft. Travis Barker” below, and stream here.

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