You've probably already seen Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker tear it up on The Late Late Show With James CordenIn addition to their "Bloody Valentine" performance, Barker and MGK had a very interesting interview. An interview where Barker talks about the correct way to pronounce blink-182

Is it blink one-eight-two or blink one-eighty-two or something entirely different? Find out below. 

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Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker rocked the house last with a performance of "Bloody Valentine." The song is the first single from Machine Gun Kelly's upcoming pop-punk record Tickets To My Downfall

Before that rip-roaring performance, however, James Corden sat down with Kels and Travis Barker and talked about the record, how Barker and MGK became friends and how to pronounce blink-182. 

Both Machine Gun Kelly and Barker talk about how they'd love quarantine if there wasn't the coronavirus with Kels adding he's "the best version of [himself]."

MGK talks about learning the words to blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" and tells how he first met Barker when he was "just a mixtape kid" around 18. Barker had invited him to a blink-182 show and they smoked, which Kels says was "the worst drive home [he] ever had, but the best memory [he] ever made." 

Before going on to perform though, Corden says that a while ago there was a debate on Twitter about how to pronounce blink-182.

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Corden says he's always said it "blink-one-eight-two. That's what we've always called you in the UK. But in America, it's blink-one-eighty-two, right?"

"Yeah, I think when we're over there we're okay with people saying 'blink-one-eight-two," Barker says. "And in the States it has always been blink one-eighty-two. So I guess it's just like where we're at. When we're in Europe or the UK, they're always saying blink-one-eight-two." 

Corden chimes back in and pitches his argument that it is "blink-one-eight-two" otherwise it would be "blink-one hundred-eighty-two."

"Yeah, that would sound really weird," Barker jokes. 

Corden presses for a definitive answer on the pronunciation. 

"It's so hard," Barker replied. "I guess because of the way you [Corden] just explained it to me, it could be blink-one-eight-two." MGK lets out a gasp of bewilderment and a gigantic "wooaaahhhhh." 

"I mean, hundred and eighty-two is really odd," Barker continued. "But, I mean its better than blink-eighteen-two."

Corden directs the question to Machine Gun Kelly who is clearly passionate about the debate. 

"Baby Yoda would probably call it 'one-eighty-two blink, so there are so many different ways to approach the name of this. I'm like a blink hunnid-eighty-two." 

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Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba talked about the pronunciation on Good Morning Britain in the past, saying "We say one-eighty-two because we’re American but when we got to Australia and the UK people say one-eight-two."

Both Hoppus and Tom DeLonge also replied to James Corden back in 2018 when Corden tried telling his fans how to pronounce blink-182. Hoppus gave the most important point of them all. 

Thank you James. Some say one eighty two. Some say one eight two. But in all of this, I feel like we’ve lost sight of the fact that the B in blink-182 should be lower-case.”


Then DeLonge jumped in as he usually does, with a joke. 

It’s actually— Blink eighteen-two. People have all gotten this wrong for years. Sometimes this can happen with very complex, thoughtful and elevated art.


Watch the interview below. 

Tell us how you pronounce blink-182 in the comments below!

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