How far will Travis Scott go to broadcast his love for the golden arches? His second round of merch in collaboration with McDonald’s paints a pretty clear idea—and the extent is startling for many fans. 

As it happens, the signature meal and merchandise collection announced earlier this week wasn’t all the Astroworld rapper had planned. Soon after the first wave of merch sold out, Scott announced “Drop II” of the collaboration. Spoiler alert: if you were hoping for a T-shirt featuring Scott’s disembodied arm dipping a nugget into green sauce, you’re in luck.

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Scott’s new collection, released through Cactus Jack, features assorted T-shirt designs, sweatpants and even a pair of embroidered slippers. Among the most notable options are a series of shirts depicting Scott as his (bizarrely realistic) action figure persona. 

Other designs include a “Live from Utopia” T-shirt—a possible reference to Scott’s upcoming album—and a red and black striped rugby polo that features golden McDonald’s and Cactus Jack logos. 

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This second merch drop comes just days after McDonald’s announced a limited run of the Travis Scott Meal. This is the first celebrity food item the chain has offered since Michael Jordan’s 1992 signature Quarter Pounder.

For $6, fans can enjoy Scott’s favorites: a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce; medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite. The meal is available at all participating locations until Oct. 4.

Cactus Jack launched the first wave of merch alongside the announcement. Among this selection was a life-size cutout of an action figure Scott, a branded lunch tray, and a nugget body pillow listed for $90. 

The action figure calls back to a collectible featured on the cover of Scott’s 2015 Rodeo album. You can see him “touring” The Travis Scott Meal in the advertisement for the collaboration aired by McDonald’s 

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Scott has taken to social media several times over the past week, first teasing and then promoting the collaboration. In a recent post to Instagram, he shows off in a McDonald’s kitchen with the caption, “Billions and billions served.”

While the collaboration has reportedly led to an increase in young customers, with his appearance in Downey, California drawing a full-on mob, Twitter has shown mixed reactions to the launch. In particular, fans were disappointed to find that the meal does not come with a signature toy.

Others are critical over the decision to release a limited-edition meal in the midst of a pandemic.

Many more are left scratching their heads over the logistics. 

It turns out that this second wave of merch is similarly divisive. While some people like the available designs, others are balking at the idea of publicly sporting a McDonald’s logo.

The one opinion that seems to echo across the masses is that this line is questionable in its price point. At the time of publication, T-shirts are starting at $48 and a hoodie is going for $128. 

Still, we can always expect the true spirit of fandom to shine through. Despite Twitter's negativity, many fans are quick to voice their support and unabashed excitement over the drop.

Would you sport Travis Scott x McDonald’s collaboration merch? Browse the collection in its entirety on the official Travis Scott site and let us know in the comments below.