Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails revealed he's working on a new film with Pixar. He also said he hopes the band can start working on new material soon.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Beats 1, Reznor shared some of his thoughts about being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

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At first, the frontman wasn't too sure what to think of the award because of the culture that surrounds the Hall Of Fame, but he's still proud of the accomplishment.

"I think as music has been marginalized in a lot of ways, as it's been kind of brushed to the side a bit and not the primary thing... Compared to when I was a kid, when I had free time, I listened to music," he Reznor states. "That was my entertainment. There wasn't Netflix or endless video games, or social media. "

"I'm pretty blown away. It feels nice to think that something that you really poured your life into and haven't compromised, can be acknowledged by a pretty mainstream group. It feels good."

After being sworn to secrecy, the singer found out NIN won the award when he arrived home from the hospital after his child was born. Reznor didn't think his band would win, even voting for Kraftwerk in the hopes they would be inducted.

When speaking to his bandmate Atticus Ross, the two couldn't believe they'd won.

"I spoke to Atticus the next day, and he was genuinely surprised and freaked out. And we're not saying that to be humble. I mean, we both had kind of assumed that—it's not lack of confidence in our own material, it's just... It's always felt like we're kind of—we're not this and we're not that, it's harder to quantify."

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"It's not going to change who I am," Reznor says. "I'm grateful to be acknowledged. I'm allowing myself to feel good about it for a little bit. And it's just a—It's a thing. One can critique it, one can put too much emphasis on it. I'm glad to be a part of it, I'm grateful for the acknowledgement, and now I've got some good stuff to work on today. I kind of like to stay focused on looking forward, acknowledging what's behind, but not dwelling and spending too much time thinking."

He also revealed that he's currently working on two films. Along with wrapping up the movie with Pixar, Reznor also said he'll be working with director David Fincher, who he previously collaborated with on Gone Girl.

"Our film work has allowed us the opportunity to kind of truly collaborate with very different sets of people," he states. "And once that initial kind of weirdness... gets over, then it's really been a great opportunity to kind of embed yourself with different camps, and see how they work."

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"Being with Pixar, you know, incredible. It's whatever you thought it might be like, it is that, in a very legit, authentic way, in a great way. We go from that into working on David Fincher's new film, which is another pretty extreme, out of our wheelhouse kind of thing."

He also says that NIN is hoping to start working on new material soon.

"We talk about how much we want to work on new Nine Inch Nails material, which I think grows when we are unable to do it because we're working on film stuff. So there's a giant pot of angst that's just ready to be turned into something."

"I really am grateful that it's worked out the way it has right now," he continues. "For me, it's trying to keep things interesting and challenging and fresh, you know? And there's not a day goes by I don't feel like, 'Man, how am I going to do this, because I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off.' And I think as uncomfortable as that can be, it is a good space to be in. It still feels like, again, trying to move forward, trying to not get stagnant."

Are you hoping Nine Inch Nails will be releases new material this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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