Troubled Coast

I've Been Thinking About Leaving You EP

Having started out playing derivative hardcore, California’s Troubled Coast are now barely a shade of their old selves. More interesting layers and nuances have complemented each release, and their progression culminates in this impressive four-song offering on Pure Noise Records.

Even during the band's improvement, there have been issues of practical plagiarism, notably on last year's proper full-length debut, Letters. And sure: Some of these choruses ("Patient Hands," "La Jetee") resemble Saosin ca. their self-titled full-length; the American Scene's Matt Vincent, guesting on the bridge of "Patient Hands," sounds a lot like Jesse Lacey; and the barked spoken-word part in "The First Night Of The New World" is a bit like something Geoff Rickly would do (think Thursday songs like "Paris In Flames" and "Asleep In The Chapel"). The significance, however, is that these moments are far less blatant than their prior acts of worship. The band are finally distilling their influences in ways that complement the songs instead of distract from them. Their compositions are bustling with ragged singing, sprawling guitar tones, fits of distortion, accessible choruses and creative dynamics that make a four-minute song worth legging it out with the band.

Troubled Coast barely made a blip on the radar for their three past releases. But with this particular EP, they're making a strong indication they deserve recognition alongside both clear contemporaries (La Dispute) and predecessors (As Cities Burn).

Pure Noise

"Patient Hands"