If you have allergies or a tiny push mower, mowing the lawn can be a total joy-free buzzkill. Yet in the eyes of atmospheric rock band Turnover, mowing the lawn is a downright blissful experience in the new video for "Still In Motion."

The video for the song—taken from the band's recently released Run For Cover album, Altogether—features a landscaper putting gas in a push mower and preparing to work. What director Mason Mercer (Basement, Angel Du$t, White Reaper) has cleverly captured is an undeniable exercise in both mindfulness, fantasy and whimsy. As for the dancing maiden cavorting in the massive field, well, we haven't quite figured that one out yet.

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The video's multiple layers dovetail nicely with Turnover's chiming, jangling guitars and Austin Getz's uplifting vocal. Elderly rock critics and the world's cool uncles (you know, the ones who always had better record collections than your actual parents) would easily mistake "Still In Motion" for a lost track from some British band that was all the fire (OK well, some of the fire while the Smiths were still together) in the late Eighties.

In the new issue of AP (AP 376), Bobby Makar spoke with Turnover founder Getz about how the frontman's search toward a creative muse didn't necessarily work out the way he had originally hoped and intended.

“I feel like being so far outside of my comfort zone took up a lot of my mental energy,” Getz says. “So there was less [inspiration] coming into my mind, but that really took a lot more of me being like, ‘All right, even if I’m not feeling inspired, I have to sit down at the keys or sit down with a guitar and just start playing and wait for something to inspire me.’ I felt pretty powerful because it made me realize that if I do my end of it, I’ll always have a relationship with music as long as I put in the work and keep myself interested.” 

Check out "Still In Motion" and see if suddenly everything is good in your world.