Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun—known to the world as twenty one pilots—have been on AP’s radar for a while now. We still find it hard to believe that seven years have passed since Joseph and Dun drove up from their Columbus homes and into our office just to introduce themselves. And now, everyone knows who they are.

Listeners still unfamiliar with the existential pop princes–as well as live-and-die stans–have reasons to be cheerful this holiday: AP’s latest special edition features every article dedicated to twenty one pilots. From their earliest days as one of our “100 Bands You Need To Know” in 2013, all the way to navigating the creation of Trench, this new collector’s mag compiles the stories and photos from all of the duo’s cover issues, as well as a few inside features. The images from our team of photographers capture the duo in all of their (sometimes) reluctant pop presentation.

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When read back to back, the articles go far to create an honest, unvarnished vista of the psychic adventures Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have gotten themselves into. Their confident and conflicted stance that began with the release of Vessel is well documented here, along with the semi-hesitation that was ricocheting in Joseph’s head the eight-or-so weeks before the release of the majestic Blurryface. But for all of twenty one pilots' questioning and yearning, there’s plenty of comic relief to be had. Rude questions from German interviewers, the personification of keyboards and their wise-guy comic timing are just a few of the punchy things they’ve shared with us.

In this day and age where everyone is a “content creator” and everyone’s doing the long hustle, it’s downright shocking that twenty one pilots’ success ever happened. Then again, there are so few bands who have succinctly captured the questioning and uncertainty of modern life in a way that’s neither doom-laden or dismissed casually. We’re glad twenty one pilots made it out of the ether and into the hearts of millions. With the release of this special edition, AP is honored to be part of their history, as well as their evolving future.