A creative fan of twenty one pilots is taking their Suicide Squad track "Heathens" and building it into a lo-fi hip-hop track.

YouTube musician and producer MarkyPaligs is remixing the track giving a fresh take on the song four years after its release.

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The song arrived in 2016 as part of the Suicide Squad soundtrack and received an official music video shortly after.

Now, it's getting a lo-fi hip-hop remix perfectly suited for the track. The laid back vibes get a new feel any twenty one pilots fan should appreciate.

The song's down-low tones and vibe get an even darker twist through experimentation with the track's key and chord progressions. The vocals are getting a hazy filter over top adding to the fuzzy production style.

You can hear the remix and compare it to the original below.

More on twenty one pilots

The band are providing more fun content for their latest track “Level Of Concern” with a new filter putting you right in their music video.

In addition to spawning a hilarious meme and absolutely smashing a number of chart records, the hit now has a new Instagram filter to use at your leisure.

The new filter plays the track along with all of the glow-in-the-dark stars and bright neon flashes.

If you’re on a mobile device with a recent version of Instagram, head over to twenty one pilots’ Instagram page. From there, tap the smiley face tag next to IGTV and click on the video of Josh Dun using the filter to try it yourself.

You can listen to "Level Of Concern" below.

What do you think of the lo-fi hip-hop version of twenty one pilots' "Heathens"? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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