In a new interview with twenty one pilots member Tyler Joseph, he's giving some updates about all of the things the band are up to right now.

Joseph spoke with radio station 101.1 WKQX offering up info about the background and creation of their latest single, singing unreleased tracks to his daughter and who Michael and Julie are among other things.

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While speaking on the band's music video for "Level Of Concern," they essentially explain that it's like a documentary as they're filming a video about creating the song at the same time.

"I really enjoyed being able to go back to the way we used to make videos which was no budget, no crew, just a simple idea and using our friend Mark with his editing knowledge and his ability to piece it all together. That was it, that's how we always did videos before a label got involved and before we had money to spend on a music video so it was fun to have an excuse to get back to that."

The song was the first time Joseph wrote a track on an electric guitar and while answering about other ways they're changing things up, he says they had a completely different approach than usual.

"Actually this was one of the first times that Josh was recording drums in his own studio ad sent them over. It was truly a back and forth on the sound of the record which was kind of a first for us. We always got together for drums so that paired with me learning how to play electric guitar for the first time. It created a bit of a new sound for us at least."

Speaking on the band's latest song "Level Of Concern," he reveals this song is not the beginning of a new era but rather "something in between."

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"It just felt right to release a song now, especially with the content and what the lyrics were saying. We try to not overcommit to something brand new as far as the aesthetics of it all because we want it to kind of wait for what we have in store."

While speaking about his daughter Ro, he reveals an interesting tidbit of info about unreleased songs he apparently has been singing to her. When asked if he sings his own songs to her, he sparked some interesting info about what's coming down the line.

"Songs I'm working on yeah. I've written a ton of little tiny weird ditties that I sing to her then I realize 'oh, let me grab my phone and record a voice memo quick because that might actually be something' but a lot of it is nonsense. I'm always working on stuff."

In "Level Of Concern," twenty one pilots mention a Michael and Julie in the lyrics and we're getting an answer about who those people are too.

"I guess when I was writing that song I loved the idea of just name dropping two random people because I feel like everyone has a Michael and a Julie in their life that are either thinking they're experts on what's going on in the world or experts on your personal relationship. I personally have a friend named Michael but I don't think I was thinking of him particularly as much as I was just picking two names that I felt applied to what most people would think as annoying people."

You can watch the full interview below.

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