Earlier this week, twenty one pilots uploaded new social media profile pictures, making a slight adjustment to their Trench era logo. In turn, it sparked several fan theories over possible new content or the end of an era.

Fans have been on the hunt for clues since the band uploaded the new logo because if there’s one thing the Clique knows it’s that nothing twenty one pilots does is ever accidental. Now, it appears one Reddit user might have just cracked the latest code thanks to dmaorg.info.

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To recap, twenty one pilots kicked off a yearlong hiatus by shutting the chapter on the Blurryface era July 6, 2017 with the imagery of a closing eye. On July 17, drummer Josh Dun offered the first clue for Trench by explaining Tyler Joseph’s absence at the APMAs due to “severing ties with dema.”

While Dun made random appearances over the next year, Joseph was totally off the grid. Then in April 2018, the Clique did what they do best and uncovered the now famous dmaorg.info from a GIF on the band’s main website. It led us to “east is up,” which later appeared in Trench track “Nico And The Niners” as well as the Tower Of Silence, a circular, raised structure where dead bodies were left to be exposed to vultures, the bird later featured on the album’s cover and throughout the era.

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In May 2018, we stumbled upon the second of many Clancy letters followed by a distorted audio teaser in June. The following week, another Clancy letter hit the site followed by the band breaking their social media silence. They finally ended their hiatus July 11 with the release of two new songs, “Jumpsuit” and “Nico And The Niners.”

Despite the band’s return and subsequent release of Trench, dmaorg.info didn’t stay quiet. In January 2019, a new Clancy letter appeared and was later uploaded with edits leading to even more theories.

The new twenty one pilots logo theory

Now, we’re heading back to DEMA with information surrounding their new logo update. As previously mentioned, the band’s logo has gone through several makeovers since their inception. Beginning with the single blue and red lines of Vesseland going black and red for Blurryface.

The original yellow and black logo first made its appearance in 2018 when the duo was ushering in the Trench era. Unlike the two before it, an extra slash was added to each side of the hyphen. Singer Tyler Joseph later explained this as symbolism of protection of the duo’s evolution.

Over the weekend, the duo’s account uploaded the new sharp logo, which is unlike its predecessor that looks worn.

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Now, Reddit u/king-of-the-clouds has pointed out that while both logos are yellow, the shades differ ever so slightly. It’s been previously confirmed that the Trench era characters, the bishops, can’t see yellow.

Back in July 2018, the day before their official return, the Clique started formulating a “Heathens”-inspired theory suggesting Trench would be yellow. It was based upon the DEMA website having a torch GIF uploaded under the name “_they_ca_ntseeFCE300.” The FCE300 in the file name is the hex color code for yellow, which translates overall to “They can’t see yellow.”

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This is where it gets even more interesting as u/king-of-the-clouds used a hex code scanner on the “old” Trench logo and the new one. The original logo is in the shade #F3EF00 while the most recent adaptation is actually #FCE300, the same shade called out on dmaorg.info.

The user goes on to explain the Clique has said the new logo is more complete as the Banditos get “stronger,” so the color change to one “they can’t see” makes complete sense.

Two days after the logo change, the band shared a Bandito tour shot with the caption, “makeitallyellow,” further lending to this theory. Joseph is seen standing upon the burning car prop they’ve worked into their live set after first appearing in Blurryface era-ending “Heavydirtysoul” and popping up again in Trench debut “Jumpsuit.”

Was the shot chosen for a reason? Probably. Does this signal the transition to a new era? Maybe. This is twenty one pilots after all.

twenty one pilots recently wrapped up another leg of the Bandito tour. Dun and Joseph will reunite for a handful of holiday shows this month followed by 2020 festivals. A full list of dates is here.

What do you think it all means? Sound off in the comments below!

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