With the country on virtual lockdown, many people have turned toward iconic bands such as twenty one pilots and emo royalty My Chemical Romance for entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic. Some have spent their time rewatching videos and noticing Easter eggs from the bands for the first time. 

One twenty one pilots fan uncovered a potential nod to MCR in the video for their Trench song, “My Blood.”

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The duo have long been fans of My Chemical Romance. In 2017, they covered the MCR song “Cancer” for a tribute compilation album celebrating the tenth anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade

The band even added the cover of “Cancer” to their live show setlist. In 2017, they played the song throughout the Emotional Roadshow tour. 

twenty one pilots’ take on the song was celebrated by both fans and MCR frontman, Gerard Way

“It was great. I was really impressed. I didn't know what to expect, and I was surprised by what I heard,” Way shared. He added that he was a fan of the band and that what they do is “really interesting.” 

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Now, a Reddit user posted a screenshot of the “My Blood” video suggesting that twenty one pilots’ MCR tribute doesn’t stop with their cover. 

My Chemical Romance

Focusing on the Halloween party the band performs at in the video, the user points out a person is dressed up in a black bandleader hat with silver accents. They’re also wearing a spiked collar and have an exaggerated painted black smile. All of this is reminiscent of My Chemical Romance’s iconic The Black Parade era from the skeleton named Pepe dressed in a bandleader costume to the band’s own attire. 

The screenshot got a couple of comments, with one person saying that it was interesting seeing a nod to My Chemical Romance’s magnum opus in another band’s video. 

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Someone else said it wasn’t surprising given that twenty one pilots are huge fans of My Chemical Romance. Given how deep twenty one pilots go with their own imagery, we can’t help but wonder if there are other hidden references to MCR or otherwise in their other videos. You can take a look at the costume for yourself at 2:05. 

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Do you think the outfit was a nod to The Black Parade or not? Let us know in the comments below.