Tyler Joseph's brother Zack Joseph was featured on in "Pet Cheetah," which is taken from twenty one pilot's Trench.

The reveal came when their brother Jay Joseph said Zack had a feature in one of the band's songs.

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In November, the band dropped a music video for the track which offers fans a closer look at their tour set up with a virtual reality view from the stage.

The video shows them performing live offering a really close look at the fire, smoke and lights they intricately use throughout their sets.

Listen to the track and watch the accompanying music video below.

At one point in the song, a distorted phrase of "pet cheetah" is repeated. During a live stream, Jay Joseph is listening to the track and reveals that their brother Zack is the one who is heard during that clip.

"Right here," he states as the song goes into the bridge. "This is Zack Joseph."

This isn't the first time Zack has a feature in a TØP song. He was also featured in "Kitchen Sink," a bonus track off 2013's Vessel. According to Genius, he joins in at the bridge of the track.

Zack has also been featured in the band's live performances as well.

More on twenty one pilots

Tyler Joseph recently posted a picture with a rather confusing caption that seemed to be superfluous at first. However, he does drop the keywords “rough mix” which may indicate new twenty one pilots.

The band haven’t put out an album since Trench in 2018, which has already been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Fans have been itching for any sort of clue regarding twenty one pilots’ next record. Especially since Trench was recorded in secret during a year-long silence.

Tyler Joseph took to Instagram to share a picture. The important thing is that he is a music studio and hopefully that means new twenty one pilots’ music soon.

don’t forget to keep your ears out from under your hood while cooking, or your rough mix will be too bright..


What do you think of Zack Joseph's feature in "Pet Cheetah?" Let us know in the comments below!

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