While Tyler Joseph is keeping busy working on rough mixes and receiving epic gifts, the twenty one pilots frontman is also anxiously awaiting the birth of his first child.

Just under a month ago, his wife Jenna Joseph shared she’s about 8 months along, meaning she could be due any day now. In preparation for his daughter’s arrival, Tyler asked fans to help him imagine just what the future baby Bandito will look like.

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After a peek of the nursery and a hilarious exchange regarding band-inspired names, Tyler is now taking to social media to ask fans to get to work in Photoshop.

“To my fellow professional photo editors: As my wife and I wait for our first child, I would like your help to show us what we should expect while still expecting,” Tyler writes, referencing a long-running joke about his photo editing business. “I need some tasteful creations including half of my facial features and half of Jenna's. Can’t wait to fall in love.”

TOP drummer Josh Dun was one of the first to chime in, sharing his photo along with, “According to my thoughtful science, this is what I’ve been expecting from you guys. Expect something like this.”

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Fans were quick to follow with Tyler reposting some of his favorites.

“My heart,” he writes alongside the first shared image.

“She seems so approachable,” he says of another. “And so kind. and so...she’s my whole world.”

“I can’t wait to meet this adorable little girl,” Tyler says of another creation.

“Maybe it’s because she’s my kid, but I just think she is the cutest girl in the world,” he states.

“Awwwwwwww Josh look!” Tyler says with a final post. “My two worlds. Yo, anyone have the contact for a baby modeling agency? This girl is going to need representation.”

The frontman ends his reposting spree by thanking fans for participating, writing, “Thank you guys. I think I’m ready now.”

More on Jenna and Tyler Joseph

Back in September, Tyler brought his wife Jenna, whom he wed in March 2015, onstage during the band’s set at Lollapalooza Berlin. With her by his side, he announced the couple is expecting their first baby.

“I know I said I’m bringing a couple of people on stage, and that’s true,” Tyler shared with the audience as his wife Jenna showed off her baby bump.

A few days later, the couple revealed their baby’s gender with a wholesome Instagram post. “We are pregnant! we’re having a girl! Tyler already likes to take pictures with her more than me,” Jenna shared alongside a selfie of her baby bump and Tyler’s grinning face.

In December, twenty one pilot played a handful of holiday shows. They sat down with KROQ to discuss the possiblity of going off the grid with future albums and Tyler’s anticipation of becoming a father.

“I’m nervous,” he shares. “My wife is pregnant, but I’m so excited. “My dad is just looking forward to watching me be the dad now.”

Dun also chimed in on his role in the new baby’s life. “I’m happy to be Uncle Josh,” he says. “I’ll give my input, but I’m not ready to mess up a kid.”

Soon after, Tyler offered fans another look at dad life. He took to Instagram to share a collection of images of Jenna sitting in their baby nursery captioning it, “soundcheck.”

Jenna has been capturing her growing baby bump throughout her pregnancy, sharing some of the images on social media. While the couple first announced they were expecting in September followed soon after by the gender reveal, they hadn’t given much of a time frame for their baby Bandito’s arrival.

Last month, the mother-to-be shared a photo with a caption revealing approximately their daughter is due in approximately one month.

“8 m o n t h s ✨✨2020 let’s make Ty a daddy,” she writes.

twenty one pilots are set to play a handful of festivals this year beginning with Cincinnati’s Bunbury in June. Check out their full list of upcoming shows here.

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