twenty one pilots vocalist Tyler Joseph has breathed new life into some familiar TOP tracks with a beautiful stripped down performance.

Check out the reimagined tracks below!

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In an exclusive RADIO.COM Storyteller performance, Joseph takes some of the band's biggest tracks back to where they first started.

“When I was first uncovering them or discovering them, they were very fragile and almost like a little scared animal that you don’t want to scare away when you’re trying to feed it,” Joseph explains.

The stripped down tracks include “Ride,” “Smithereens,” “Chlorine,” “My Blood” and “Cut My Lip."

“Whether it’s a particular sound – it could be any version of art, whether it’s a movie or a story or a play, but for my own songs in a different setting – kind of being forced to work on something and rehearse something and recreate something - even though it was hard work, I had to be ready for it,” Joseph says. “Ultimately it gave me a gift of being inspired and from those ideas stemmed ideas that maybe people will hear in the future.”

You can check out the full interview below.

Check out the five tracks that have been reimagined as part of the band's Location Sessions series, below.

More on twenty one pilots 

As the band head to Columbus, OH this weekend to play two hometown shows in the Bandito tour, the city decided to change the street name, at least temporarily.

According to Reddit, the street was temporarily changed from Nationwide Blvd. to twenty one pilots Blvd. It’s definitely fitting considering the huge gig this weekend and we wish it would stay permanently.

Along with the street, twenty one pilots have also opened a pop-up shop.

It’s called “Ned’s Bayou” and will sell merch during the weekend of the shows. The signs read that it is a “fine pool equipment” store.

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